DTS Archives Finding Aids

These guides provide descriptions of the contents and organization of the archival collections which have been processed. Some of our holdings await processing and do not yet have guides. Preliminary lists for some of the unprocessed collections are available in the Special Collections reading room. As new finding aids are available, they will be posted on the internet.

William M. Anderson Sermons
CN011. 1926-1932 and undated. .70 linear feet.
This collection is composed of 177 typed sermons and ten excerpts of sermons by William M. Anderson. The topics covered include God, Jesus Christ, Christ's return, Christian life, salvation, the Bible, communion, and missions.
William A. BeVier Collection on C. I. Scofield
CN015. 1866-1960 and undated. .1 linear feet.
The collection is composed of correspondence and research materials collected by William A. BeVier while writing his thesis, A Biographical Sketch of C. I. Scofield.
William Franklin Burcaw Papers
CN006. 1942-1993. .02 linear feet.
The bulk of the collection is composed of thirty-six letters between William Burcaw, pastor of Berachah Church, Houston, and Lewis Sperry Chafer, Charles Lee Feinberg, and H. A. Ironside. The collection also includes a testimonial by Burcaw's children.
Reynold J. Carlson Papers
CN002. circa 1938 and undated. .01 linear feet.
This collection consists of two items, a booklet with three memorial addresses for Reynold J. Carlson, a seminary student, and one photograph. The addresses were prepared by Lewis Sperry Chafer, C. Ward Simpson, and Herbert Werner.
Lewis Sperry Chafer Selected Correspondence
CN009. 1922-1951 and n.d. .46 linear feet.
Photocopies of selected letters from the Lewis Sperry Chafer Papers. The letters are filed by topic.
Charts: Visual Aids for Bible Study
CN007. 1917-1947 undated. .17 linear feet.
Thirty-eight charts to aid in the study of the Bible, biblical prophecy, and dispensationalism.
Charts on Banners: Visual Aids
CN018. 1954 undated. 5 items.
Large charts used as visual aids for groups studying the Bible.
Complutensian Polyglot Leaf
CN020. undated. 1 leaf.
This collection consists of one leaf from the Complutensian Polyglot, the first Bible in multiple languages. The leaf might be a facsimile. The original publication was printed 1514-1517.
Dallas Theological Seminary. Admissions Department Records
CN008. 1957-1992 and undated. .69 linear feet.
This collection is composed primarily of minutes of the Admissions Committee and mainly concerns the acceptance or denial of applicants. Access restricted for 75 years for FERPA.
Dallas Theological Seminary. Doctor of Ministry Records
CN 024. 1971-2006 and undated, bulk 1988-2006. 8.44 linear feet.
Administrative records documenting the activities and operations of the Doctor of Ministry Program dating from 1971-2006 and undated. The collection include correspondence, reports, minutes, questionnaires, syllabi, class notes, and forms, providing insight into the content of many D.Min. courses and the administration of the program.
Dallas Theological Seminary. Faculty Minutes
CN005. 1924-1995. .54 linear feet.
This collection documents the variety of matters handled by the faculty, including curriculum, calendars and schedules, discipline, and doctrine. Access restricted for 75 years for FERPA.
Dallas Theological Seminary. Lay Institute Records
CN027. 1935, 1972-2008 and undated. .25 linear feet.
This collection in seven legal size folders documents the founding of the Dallas Theological Seminary Lay Institute and the courses offered through the years. In 1995 the institute was renamed the Center for Biblical Studies.
Dallas Theological Seminary. President's Office Records
CN023. 1897-1991 and undated. .17 linear feet.
Correspondence, articles, and notes related to the history of Dallas Theological Seminary.
Dallas Theological Seminary. President's Reports to the Board of Incorporate Members
CN039. 1954-presnt. .79 linear feet.
This collection provides a summary of seminary activities, concerns, and interest. These reports are closed for 10 years from their date of creation.
Dallas Theological Seminary. Radio Ministry Records
CN049. 1945-1984 and undated, bulk 1964-1984 and undated. 2.5 linear feet.
Administrative records and scripts for the DTS Radio Ministry, primarily for the programs Heritage and Dallas Today.
Dallas Theological Seminary. Selected Syllabi
CN032. 1979-2009 and undated. 1 linear feet.
A sample of Dallas Theological Seminary syllabi for several classes and various professors, 1979-2009 and undated.
Dallas Theological Seminary. Student Council Records
CN045. 1925-1964 and undated. .33 linear feet.
This collection in fourteen files is primarily minutes, but also includes letters, memos, and some of the constitutions of the student organization. The documents indicate some of the activities and interests of the students.
Arthur G. Edgerton Collection of Sermon Notes and Photograph
CN013. 1880, 1941-1945 and undated. .02 linear feet.
Handwritten sermon notes collected by Edgerton for three sermons, one each by Thomas Chalmers, Charles H. Spurgeon, and Alexander Whyte.
Charles Lee Feinberg Examination Paper
CN022. ca 1931-35. .08 linear feet.
Typed examination for Harmartiology.
William K. Harrison Papers
CN038. 1936-1987 and undated. 1.25 linear feet.
This collection is primarily composed of Harrison's writings on a variety of subjects, mainly related to the Bible, war, and Christian life.
Martha B. Hook Collection on C. S. Lewis
CN034. 1957-1958, 1963. 12 leaves.
This collection consists of two letters by C. S. Lewis and an article about him.
C. Fred Lincoln Collection on Lewis Sperry Chafer
CN036. 1928, 1944, circa 1987 and undated, bulk undated. .02 linear feet.
Items C. Fred Lincoln kept concerning Lewis Sperry Chafer, including one letter and a few articles.
Clarence E. Mason Jr. Collection of Evangelical Theological College Notes and Memorabilia
CN026. 1924-1927 and undated. .12 linear feet.
Notes and photographs documenting part of Clarence E. Mason Jr.'s experiences in the first class at Evangelical Theological College.
Missionaries of D.T.S. Photograph Album
CN025. ca 1941. .04 linear feet.
Photographs and brief descriptions of graduates of Dallas Theological Seminary serving as missionsaries circa 1941.
John G Mitchell Correspondence from DTS
CN021. 1934-44 and undated. .02 linear feet.
This collection consists primarily of letters received by John G. Mitchell from administrators of Dallas Theological Seminary. In 1927, Mitchell was in the first graduating class of the seminary, and he became a visiting professor at DTS in 1935. The letters provide some information about Mitchell, but mainly focus on the seminary and Lewis Sperry Chafer.
William W. Orr Seminary Papers and Other Material
CN033. 1933-1941. .19 linear feet.
This collection consists primarily of class notes William W. Orr created while a student at Dallas Theological Seminary. This collection provides insight into the curriculum at DTS from 1933-1935.
Dwight Pentecost Collection of Bible Leaves and Antiphonary Leaf
CN019. 1290-1611 and undated. 13 leaves.
This collection assembled by Dr. Pentecost consists of eleven leaves from various translations of the Bible, one Psalter leaf, and one Antiphonary leaf.
George N. H. Peters Papers
CN017. 1901-1908 and undated. 4.25 linear feet.
The bulk of the collection consists of eighteen manuscripts with premillennial interpretations of biblical prophecy written by a Lutheran pastor.
C. I. (Cyrus Ingerson) Scofield Papers
CN001. 1889-1909 and undated. .04 linear feet.
This collection consists of fifteen letters written by C. I. Scofield to Frank W. Boyle, who was apparently the pastor of a church in Sherman, TX. Scofield discusses many topics, including theological questions and Scofield's activities.
C. I. (Cyrus Ingerson) Scofield Papers
CN003. 1909, 1918. 3 leaves.
This collection consists of photocopies of two letters, one to each of C. I. Scofield's daughters, Abigail and Helene.
New Scofield Reference Bible Editorial Committee Records
CN042. 1954-1961 and undated. 3.33 LFT.
This collection is composed of typed transcripts of meetings of the editorial committee and typed revisions to be considered or already approved. The documents provide some clues to how the committee operated.
Scofield Memorial Church Selected Records
CN014. 1867-circa 1997 and undated. .17 linear feet.
Photocopies of selected church records, primarily related to C. I. Scofield and Lewis S. Chafer with some papers of the Scofield Family.
Richard H. Seume Sermon Notes
CN035. 1942-1971 and undated. 1.08 linear feet.
This collection is housed in twenty-six folders and contains over 400 sermon notes written between 1942 and 1971 by Richard H. Seume, a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS), and the first chaplain for DTS.
Billy Sunday Sermon Notes
CN012. circa 1927, 1968. 12 leaves.
Pages 2-13 of notes by Billy Sunday circa 1927 for a sermon about the victory Christians have over death.
Thomas Marshall Thompson's Notes for Charles Fred Lincoln's Class
CN010. 1953-1954 and undated. .04 linear feet.
The bulk of the collection is mimeographed notes prepared by Dr. C. Fred Lincoln for the class he taught on covenants and dispensations and contains Thompson's marginalia.
William H. Griffith Thomas' Notes about the Bible
CN029. undated. .64 linear feet.
This collection consists of handwritten notes about many books of the Bible and a few subjects. They may have been used in sermon preparation.
Henry R. Todd Papers
CN044. 1931-1930 and undated, bulk 1941-1947 .14 linear feet.
This collection housed in five files is primarily correspondence with some printed and miscellaneous material concerning Henry R. Todd and Dallas Theological Seminary.
Stanley D. Toussaint's Notes and Recordings
CN040. 1956-2016 and undated. 3.69 linear feet.
This collection housed in 70 folders primarily has handwritten and typed notes prepared by Dr. Toussaint for sermons, teaching, and study purposes.
Unpublished Materials Cited in Kenneth F. Horton's Dissertation, "The Vineyard Movement and Eschatology: an Interpretation"
CN041. 1974-1999 and undated. .21 linear feet.
Printed material and letters collected by Kenneth F. Horton as sources for his disseration on the Vineyard Movement.