Services for DTS Students Who Live Outside the United States

This is a summary of the main library services for DTS students who live outside the United States (and therefore rarely have access to the Dallas campus). Students who live in the United States should consult the following as appropriate.

Contact Information

To contact the library, email or phone +1-214-887-5284. Consult the How to Contact Library Staff page for more specific contact information.

Reference Assistance

Library reference staff are eager to help with your research. We will not do an assignment for you, but we will teach, guide, and assist. We will help you become an independent learner and researcher, but we recognize there are things that you cannot do yourself because you do not have access to the Dallas campus library collection. So we will help. For example, to get you started we may recommend a database or search terms or a few good sources relevant to your specific information needs.

Access to Databases

The library provides access to scores of databases. You may link to databases through the title list, the topic list, or the drop down menu on the home page. When you select a database, you will be prompted to authenticate using your Microsoft account.

See the key databases page for a description of the most frequently used databases, and the database tutorials for instruction about using the main search engines. RS5101, DM7102, and BS8104 include some formal instruction about how to do library research. Contact the library if you need help.

Document Delivery

We encourage international students to use the Dallas campus library collection to complement online and local library resources. Tell us what you need and we will try to deliver it. We email journal articles and book chapters to you. Copyright law does not allow us to scan entire books.

Please use the following procedure to request items. First use WorldCat and the ejournal list to verify that Turpin Library owns the item you want. Then contact the library as listed above. We will deliver the scan by email in a few days.

We have a strong collection. If you ask for something we do not own, we may suggest a substitute we do own. If there is no acceptable substitue, we might possibly be able to purchase an online ebook or obtain a pdf journal article for you. Purchases can take weeks.

Access to Textbooks and Required Course Readings

Are you looking for a textbook? Students are expected to buy textbooks. The library does not provide textbooks.

Are you looking for something that is required reading for a course such as a journal article or a single chapter from a book? Try the following.

  1. Check Canvas for your course. For many courses, required readings (journal articles, single chapters from books) are in Canvas.
  2. Check your Logos collection.
  3. If you need only a single chapter from a print book or a single article from a print journal, the library can legally scan and email the pdf to you. Just tell us what you need. We can not legally copy an entire book. Contact

Help When You Visit the Dallas Campus

If you visit the Dallas campus, you may wish to schedule an appoint with reference staff. Tell us what you need before you come and we will help you make efficient use of your time on campus.

How You Can Help Us

The library eagerly solicits suggestions and recommendations. We firmly believe both policy and procedure can be improved, and we are always looking for ways to further the mission of the library and meet the information needs of the library constituency. Don't be shy; tell us how to improve. Feel free to recommend the purchase of a specific book.

Plan ahead and make all requests for help well in advance of your deadlines.