Services for DTS Graduates

If you are a DTS grad, then what the library can do for you depends in part on whether you live in the DFW area and are able to visit the Dallas campus.

ON Campus

If you visit the DTS campus, then you may use nearly all the databases that students can use (but not quite all).

If you live in the DFW area then you can apply for a courtesy card to borrow books etc. We give grads an enormous discount on courtesy cards (80% discount as of 2010), but you are required to make a token payment. Regular services and rules for visitors and courtesy card holders apply. We also honor TexShare cards.

OFF campus

If you are off campus, then you may use the ATLAS database.You need to connect from the Electronic Research Resources for DTS Grads page. You will get an error message if you attempt to access databases from the student pages.

Off-campus grads in the United States can borrow books from DTS through the mail using interlibrary loan as described on the Books By Mail page.

Wondering why grads are permitted to use almost all databases on campus, but very few off campus? It is a matter of contract restrictions and affordability. First, subscription fees are normally based on number of potential users. Second, the database licenses almost always distinguish between local (on campus) and remote (off campus) uses. A typical license will allow anyone on campus to use the database, but will specifically limit remote access to current faculty, students, and staff. It would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to purchase special extended licenses that would allow 10,000 grads remote access to every database. So we don't do that. However, we do allocate extra funds to pay for grad access to ATLAS. This is a very significant resource. SO USE IT!