Electronic Bible Study Tools

DTS students use Logos and a host of specialized databases like the enormous TLG corpus of Greek text, but library visitors may find these free internet resources helpful. Items toward the end of the list are a bit more academic.

  • Bible.org provides access to the full-text of many bible study helps and expositional works from an evangelical viewpoint. This is also the home of the NET Bible translation, which is linked to Greek and Hebrew texts.
  • BibleStudyTools.com. Search and display about 30 English translations of the Bible, including NIV, ESV, LEB, HCS, and NAS. NAS and KJ are linked to some basic lexical and morphological information. Search English, display Hebrew (BHS) or Greek (NA 26) in a semi-interlinear format. Search ISBE (1939 ed.) and Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology.
  • BibleGateway. Search and display translations of the Bible in many languages. SBLGNT, some IVP commentaries. Other.
  • Scripture4All. Interlinear Greek and Hebrew Bible with KJV. Includes parts of speech. Download free ISA Bible software to work with the text.
  • Biblical Studies.org.uk. Find theology books, bibliographies for seminary students and pastors, over 10,000 articles, and a collection of theological websites.
  • Perseus Digital Library. Search and display the full text of ancient Greek and Latin primary source documents. Links to lexicons and sometimes to English translations. Also search in English. Extremely useful site for NT studies. Go to Greek and Roman Materials under Collections/Texts and scroll to New Testament. Type in the lexical form of a word (with accents) to search for all forms. Click a word in the text to go to LSJ. See our brief intro to Perseus.