Quickstart for New Faculty

If you are new to the DTS faculty, this is the place to begin.


Welcome to DTS! The library is here to help you with your teaching and research needs. New faculty are automatically registered to use the library at the start of the contract period. Contact the library director if you need to use library resources before then to prepare for course instruction or other DTS responsibilities. In order to borrow books, you will need a photo ID (such as a DTS id card or a driver's license) to prove your identity.

Database Access and Authentication

The library home page https://library.dts.edu/ has a searchbox for WorldCat (the library catalog), and another searchbox for the most commonly used databases. The home page also has a dropdown list of many additional databases. If you are off campus when you select a database, you will be prompted to authenticate using your DTS Microsoft Azure account. Wireless access to the internet is available in the library and throughout the entire campus.

Services for Faculty

See our detailed description of faculty services.

Orientation and Help

Contact the Public Services/Reference librarian to schedule a personalized introduction/orientation, including information about reference services for you and your students, information literacy training for students, library policies, course reserves, interlibrary loan, TexShare (borrowing privileges at local libraries), etc. If you wish, we will come to your office to familiarize you with library databases.

Information available Link
How to contact the library: https://library.dts.edu/contact
Dallas campus library calendar: https://library.dts.edu/calendar
Library catalog: https://dts.on.worldcat.org/
Descriptions of databases: https://library.dts.edu/guide-topic
Database tutorials: https://library.dts.edu/dbtutorials
Library public service policies: https://library.dts.edu/house-rules
Collection development policy https://library.dts.edu/collectiondevelopment
Library statistics https://library.dts.edu/library-statistics

Special Note for Extension/Distance/Remote Faculty

Live outside the DFW area? The Dallas campus library is still here to help you. Faculty outside the DFW area may call or email the library to ask for reference assistance or to request books by mail or scanned journal articles by email. Need something else? Tell us what you need and we will find a way to help.

Student Services

Faculty should be aware of services the library provides for students.