Computer and Database Connection FAQ

Here are some problems you may encounter when you attempt to connect to a database or other electronic resource. This FAQ does not cover how to search databases; for that see the Research Methods page.

How do I connect to WorldCat, the library catalog?

Go to or click the WorldCat menu choice on any page of the library website. You are not required to login.

How do I connect to databases?

You may link to databases via the title list page, the , or the drop down menu on the home page. Read more about Database Connection, Login, and Browser Configuration.

What is my library ID number? My password?

If you are a DTS student, and you want to access library databases including WorldCat, then just use the same ID and password you use to register for courses or to access online courses in Canvas. If you are a community user, read about your WorldCat Account. The DTS ID card includes a barcode that is used to borrow books in the library.

My ID and password do not work when I try to login. What should I do?

Here are some options.

  • If you are both a DTS grad and Community User (e.g., TexShare user), then you have two library WorldCat accounts under two different IDs.
  • Have you forgotten your password? If you are a DTS student or grad, use your DTS Microsoft Azure account to access databases. If you are a community user, use WorldCat password reset to view your WorldCat account.
  • Contact or library staff for assistance.

When I download a pdf file, my browser says "File is damaged and cannot be repaired".

Sometimes the error message is false. Configure your browser so pdf files first download to the desktop, then open in your pdf reader.

When I try to connect to a database, I am asked to login twice, once at the normal login page, and once at a different page, and the second login always fails. What should I do?

This probably means there is an error in the EZProxy configuration. Contact the library. Explain what happened. Include the name of the resource you were trying to access.

I got an EZProxy Hostname error. What should I do?

Contact the library. Explain what happened. Include the name of the resource you were trying to access and the computer hostname line listed on the error page. We will fix the problem.

Curious about what is wrong? The proxy server configuration file must include all the domains (e.g., and computer hostnames (e.g., associated with the restricted resources accessed by library users. Database vendors occasionally add new hosts or change names, sometimes without informing customers. The configuration file must be updated when this happens so you can use the the resources.

Some features (commands) or some links in the database do not work correctly. What should I do?

In other words, you are able to login and to search, but some other feature does not work. For example, you not be able to view the full-text of an article, or printing may fail, or emailing may fail, or clicking certain links may do nothing. This is a very complex problem and there are many possible explanations. You probably need to contact library technical support staff.

Why am I not receiving email notices from the library?

The library uses email to send notices, including hold pickup notices ("your book is ready for you"), due soon notices ("your books will be due soon; please return or renew on time"), overdue notices, bill notices, etc.

Contact us if you think you are not receiving email.

Where can I get help?

Contact library staff for assistance.