Electronic Research Resources
for DTS Grads

Full-text resources

These databases allow you to search by subject for articles, books, etc. They provide the full-text of the items online for you to download or print.

  • Free online bible study tools
  • ATLAS is the full-text subset of ATLA. DTS grads should use this link to connect to ATLAS. Do not use the links on student resource pages because they are authenticated differently and the software will block you if you attempt to connect through those student links. ATLAS provides access to articles and book reviews from many major English language theological journals and from some especially important non-English journals. It includes literature on Bible, theology, church history, pastoral ministries, world missions, and religion in general. ATLAS focuses on scholarly theological literature but includes a sampling of non-scholarly publications about popular Christian culture and church life especially from the mainline Protestant viewpoint. At present (May 2012) over 185,000 full-text articles are available online, plus 179,000 reviews. This includes material from Bib Sac, JBL, JETS and about 200 other journals.
  • Review of Biblical Literature provides full-text of substantive reviews of scholarly literature in biblical studies. Updated weekly but the books tend to be about two years old before they are reviewed. This is a great way to survey current scholarship. Sponsored by Society for Biblical Literature. Free to anyone.
  • Christian Classics Ethereal Library is a collection of free full-text documents. Mostly book length classics including the Bible, commentaries, hymns, sermons, many texts from the history of Christianity and some fiction. This is one of the largest sites for public domain religious books.
  • SermonCentral.com. Browse 120,000 sermons and sermon outlines.
  • Christianity Today. News, book and movie reviews, blogs, editorials, articles on numerous topics.

Gateways to good web sites

  • Wabash Center Gateway provides links to religious and especially Christian Internet resources. Aims to serve needs of clergy and seminary faculty and students.
  • Yale's Research Guide for Christianity. Excellent annotated guide to library and Internet resources selected to meet the needs of the average seminarian. Links to library catalogs, key theological reference books, journals, internet sites, primary sources. Includes many books and resources not available over the Internet.

Bibliographic databases (citations only)

These databases allow you to search by subject so you can to identify relevant books and articles. They provide citations but NOT the actual books and articles themselves. You then must use a bookstore, library, or document supplier to obtain a photocopy of the article or a loan of the book cited. Follow this link for information about how to obtain the items cited.

  • BIBLOS, the DTS library catalog.
  • BILDI portion of THEOLDI. BILDI (Documentation for Biblical Literature, Innsbruck) cites scholarly journal articles, essays, books and book reviews in several languages on a variety of biblical and theological topics from 1985 to date. Most items in BILDI are also in ATLA, but BILDI provides more thorough coverage of European literature. There is both a German and an English Interface. Online help is available. BILDI is hosted by the University of Innsbruck and is available to everyone at no cost.
  • BiBIL BiBIL (Bibliographie Biblique Informatisée de Lausanne=Biblical Bibliography of Lausanne) cites scholarly journal articles, essays, and monographs in several languages primarily on biblical topics but also on theology in general. Coverage from 1950-1985 is very incomplete, but from 1986 to date a significant number of important journals are included. As of Sept 2003 there is now an English interface. Most works cited in BiBIL are also in ATLA, but BiBIL records are cataloged in distinctive ways, so it is a nice supplement to ATLA, particularly if you need to be thorough. BiBIL is hosted by the University of Lausanne and is available to everyone at no cost.
  • RIM. The Research in Ministry database lists and abstracts most but not all North American DMin dissertations. You may search by author, title, subject, keyword, etc. Keyword includes words from titles, subjects, abstracts. ATLA provides free access to this resource, but the number of simultaneous users is limited because ATLA has to pay a license fee for each user. So when you try to use RIM you may get a message that all sessions are in use. If so, try later.
  • OCLC WorldCat is a key resource for almost any topic. It contains over 50 million bibliographic records for books and other media. It provides nearly exhaustive coverage of English language books and significant coverage of non-English works (but limited coverage of government documents and unpublished works like manuscripts and dissertations). For the most part WorldCat does not cite individual journal articles or book reviews or essays in books. Use LC subject headings just like you would in the library catalog, for example: "Bible N.T. Corinthians, 1st, xv"  for 1 Cor 15.

Free Online Resources
Through Your Local Library

Many states provide free online databases to state residents. Typically you must register with your local public library to gain access. If your state is not listed here check with your local public library to see what it has to offer.


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