How to Request Permission to Make Multiple Copies of a Copyrighted Work for Classroom Use

General guidelines

We suggest faculty adhere to the following guidelines when requesting permission to copy materials beyond fair use provisions of the copyright law for use in the classroom.

  1. Use letterhead stationery to identify DTS.
  2. When asking permission to copy parts of a book, send a photocopy of the parts to be copied. This shortens the publisher's searching time.
  3. Leave a four inch margin at the bottom of the form. Many publishers use a rubber stamp or handwritten note on the bottom of the form to grant permission
  4. Allow nine weeks for a reply even though most publishers reply in less than four weeks.
  5. Enclose a stamped, addressed return envelope.
  6. Follow the AAP Guidelines.

Outline of Sample Letter

Permissions Department
Name of copyright holder (publisher)

Dear Permissions Editor,

I teach at Dallas Theological Seminary. I would like permission to reproduce the following material.

Copyrighted work: Full accurate bibliographic citation goes here. Name of author, translator, editor. Title, edition, vol of book or journal. Copyright date. ISBN or ISSN. Exact pages to be reproduced, including figures and illustrations. If you are requesting a chapter or more from a book, both chapter titles and page numbers.
Number of copies: [estimated class size is okay]
Used alone? Explain whether the material will be used alone or combined with other works as part of a coursepack or anthology.
Distribution: 1 copy per student
Course and date: "Course title", semester taught, year. Some publishers will grant permission for indefinite future courses, but many will do it only one semester at a time.
Charges: Students will be charged reproduction cost only.
Type of reproduction: paper photocopy [scanning, whatever]

A stamped addressed envelope is enclosed for your convenience in replying.

Close with your name, title, institution if not on letterhead