Register Your WC Password!

All DTS faculty, students, staff and graduates automatically have WorldCat accounts. Initialize your account by creating a password.

Why It Is Important

Your WorldCat Account enables you to renew books, place holds, view due dates, etc. See About My Account for additional features and information.

We use your personal WorldCat Account to control access to ALL library databases, not just WorldCat. For example, if you are off campus and you go to the library website and click a link to use the ATLA database, you will see the WorldCat login screen and then be connected to ATLA. So your WorldCat password is your all purpose library password.

How To Do It

See How to Create or Reset a WorldCat Password for instructions. You must have a working email address in your library record in order to create a password.

Forget your password? You can Reset Your Password whenever you wish.