Library Assignments for BS8104

We will meet three times in the course as listed in the syllabus.

For the first session, you will read some material and complete an exercise. This will take several hours.

For the second session, read and be prepared to discuss Examples of Bad Research Method and URIM.

For the third session, you will read a little and briefly reflect on your personal, educational, and professional environment.

  • How do students in your discipline learn the research methods of the discipline? What are some strengths and weaknesses of this approach?
  • Can you point to some examples of bias in your discipline?
  • Popular culture and the news are full of controversy. There are charges of biased sources, lies, propaganda, and sophisticated international conspiracies that use disinformation to control crowds and world events. Debate is often unkind, exaggerated, over emotional, and unproductive. In at least a few cases, local congregations have been torn asunder, and college departments have erupted into name calling and accusation. What (if anything) protects scholarly discourse from these kinds of problems?
  • Read Notes on the Framework. What is something in the "authority" frame that is potentially helpful? What is something potentially harmful? Why?
  • Read Scholarly Temptations and Obligations. We probably will not discuss this in class, but read it and let it marinate.