Interlibrary Loan Request
for a Book

Need an item not owned by Turpin Library? Just complete the information below and we will try to obtain what you need from another library. We can email a scan of a specified/requested book chapter to you, but if you need an entire book you must pick it up yourself at the Dallas campus.

Information about the book/thesis you need
Conditions and special instructions

Ownership. Check WorldCat to verify DTS does not own the item. (Normally the library will not process an Interlibrary Loan request for an item we own.)

  • Turpin library does NOT own this item.
  • Turpin library DOES own this item but there is a special reason that justifies borrowing a copy through interlibrary loan (e.g., you carefully checked the shelf and the item is missing/AWOL).

Lending fees. Loans are usually free, but some institutions charge lending fees. If you are not willing to pay at least $5.00 then we will not process the request even though it is very likely there will be no lending fee at all.
I am willing to pay up to if there is a lending fee.

Special instructions.

Information about you