Finding Library Materials in Google Scholar

Google Scholar now indexes a large subset of the WorldCat database. So Google Scholar will help you find relevant books and identify which libraries own those books, including Turpin Library. Here is an example of how it works.

1. Go to Google Scholar ( and search for "dispensationalism".

Google scholar

2. Notice the fourth result down is Progressive Dispensationalism. Select Library Search.

Progressive Dispensationalism

3. Enter 75204 when it asks for a location and select Go to get results for Dallas libaries.

Dallas Library Results

4. To see if the DTS Library has the book available, click on the word "Book" below Dallas Theological Seminary. This will take you to BIBLOS search results for that book.

Biblos Results

Google Scholar has significant limits and weaknesses. It indexes only a portion of WorldCat (less than half). For a complete search you must use the WorldCat interface. Further, the links from Google to local libraries depend on ISBN searches. A library might own the book you want, but not have a record with a matching ISBN. (There are different ISBNs for different editions and different publishers, so identical intellectual content might correspond to many different ISBNs.) Author-title searches in WorldCat and in a local library catalog are much more reliable indicators of whether a given library owns a given work.

For more information on how to use Google Scholar, visit their help pages at