Finding Online Journals

Most of the online electronic journals available from the library are included in the OCLC WMS ejournal list. Use this resource if you already have a citation to a specific journal and you want to know if it is available full-text online. Use databases like ATLA if you want to search by subject, etc.

Retrieving your article is a multi-step operation. For example, suppose you want to read "The meaning of 1 Corinthians 12:31" by Willem Unnik in Novum Testamentum, volume 35 (April 1993), pages 142-159. Then you would proceed as follows.

  1. Search the ejournal database by journal title (Novum Testamentum in this case) to see if any issues of that journal are available online.
  2. The resulting listing tells you which journal issues are available online from each source database. Follow the links to the appropriate source database.
  3. Once you reach the source database you still have to access the article. What you do at this point depends on what the source database is. In some cases you can search by author-title combination to get the specific article itself. In other cases you will see a way to pick the specific issue of the journal you need.

Again, here is the ejournal list.