Examining Course Reserves

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The Course Reserve button is always visible on the top row of every page. Course reserve is a system of sharing scarce resources so many students can use them at the same time. Materials are placed on reserve at the request of an instructor when that instructor is requiring many students to use those exact works (no substitutes permitted) to fulfill specific assignments in a given course. Reserved materials are returned to the general stacks at the end of each semester. The reserve collection is not a collection of "best books" and it not intended to provide textbooks, course packs, or other materials students are required to purchase.

Searching by author, title, or subject of work

All items in the reserve collection are listed in the regular catalog. They display with a current location of RESERVE. For example, if you search the general catalog for books on baptism, the system will display all books on baptism including books on reserve. You do not need to select the reserve module to search in this way. However, you do need to pick the reserve button if you wish to list reserve items by instructor name, course name, or course number.

Searching by course or instructor

Click the Course Reserve button on the top row to access the reserve module. BIBLOS will display a search form like Figure 1120.

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Figure 1120: Searching by course or instructor

By course name

To see a list of items on reserve for a particular course, enter the course name. If multiple instructors have placed items on reserve for that same course, BIBLOS will list all the instructors. Select an instructor. BIBLOS will list all the reserve items. Course names are limited to a maximum of 40 characters, so words are sometimes abbreviated. For example: Introduction is abbreviated Intro, and Old Testament is abbreviated OT.

By course number

To see a list of items on reserve for a particular course number, enter the course number. If multiple instructors have items reserved for the course number, BIBLOS will list all the instructors. Select an instructor. BIBLOS will list all the reserve items. You may enter part of a course number, in which case BIBLOS will list all possible matching courses which currently have reserves. All sort character by character, so you might see a sequence like the following. >> BE100 >> BE1100 >> BE120

By instructor

To see a list of items currently on reserve for a particular instructor, enter the instructor's last name. If the instructor currently has active reserves for multiple courses, BIBLOS will list all of those courses. Select a course. BIBLOS will list all the reserve items. Note team-taught courses may be listed under one instructor only, although the library attempts to include all instructors. On rare occasion a department name is treated as instructor. For example, "NT dept" might be designated as the instructor name if an actual instructor has not been designated at the time materials are collected to place on reserve.

Exercises and Homework

Looking for a BIBLOS homework assignment? See assignments here. You may want to print the brief appendix (which presents a brief summary of all search operators) before doing the assignment.