My Account

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The My Account button is always visible on the top row of every page. Click it at any time and you will be presented with three options:

  • View Borrowed Items, Holds, Bills
  • Renew Borrowed Items
  • Change My PIN/Password

If you use a generic login and then pick a specific user service option (like view Renew Items), BIBLOS will ask for ID and password. If you use a personal login, BIBLOS will already know who you are and will bypass that step.

Viewing borrowed items, holds, bills

In the example below our student has "Two checked-outs, one hold, one bill" as it says at the top of the image.

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Figure 1010: Viewing My Account

The two borrowed items are listed with due dates. One of the items currently on loan (Preaching to a Shifting Culture) is already overdue so a fine has begun to accumulate. Note official overdue bills are created when you return an item late. However, if any items you currently have on loan are already overdue then the system will tell you "As of Now You Owe" as an estimate of the fine that would be generated if you returned that one item "now" (today before closing). This user also has a $1.20 bill for the book Unrelieved Paradox because it was returned late. This bill is listed at the bottom of the image. It is a real bill for an item already returned, not an estimated bill for an item still on loan. Each Sunday the library notifies students of outstanding bills and overdues via email.

This user placed a hold on a book (Libraries in the Ancient World) when someone else had it checked-out, and the book has just been returned, so the hold shows as available. Daily, Mon-Friday, the library notifies users by email as holds become available.

Renew borrowed items

With "Renew Borrowed Items," you can renew items you have on loan. Just select the appropriate radio buttons ("Renew Selected" or "Renew All") and checkboxes as needed for specific titles. Then click "Renew Selected items." See below.

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Figure 1020: Renewing Loans

BIBLOS will display a list of items renewed and the new due dates. Click the "OK" button at the end of the display to return from the renewal procedure.

If you renew an overdue item, the system will create a bill based on the number of days delinquent.

A renewal may be blocked if some other user has placed a hold on the book, if you have already renewed it the maximum number of times, or if your user status is delinquent/barred. Some categories of users may not renew. You will receive an error message and explanation if a renewal attempt fails. For details on loan periods, maximum number of times you may renew each item, etc., see House Rules.

When items are renewed, the renewal period is added to the date renewed, not to the date due. For example, pretend today is Jan 5 and the book is due Jan 10 and the renewal period is 21 days. Renewing it today would extend the new due date 21 days from today, the 5th, so it would be due 5+21 = 26th; renewing it today would not extend the new due date 21 days from the old due date (the 10th) to make it due the 10+21 = 31st.

Changing your PIN/password

Pick "Change Your PIN/password" to change your current PIN. Your new PIN can be any alphanumeric character string. Letters A-Z, a-z, digits 0-9, and the underscore (_) are permitted. Other characters, including spaces, are not permitted. For example "Psalm23" is an acceptable PIN. So are "preach_it" and "123456789". At this time case does not matter, but it may in the future. Your library PIN is independent of the PIN you use to access your student account for registration, etc. Changing a PIN in the library system will have no impact on the PIN you use for registration, and vice versa. Forgot your PIN? Check here.

Concerning confidentiality

Borrowing records are treated as confidential. For example, we will not tell others what books you have on loan. Nor will we tell you who has the book you are waiting for. BIBLOS indicates if a book is on loan, but it does not reveal who has it. For your security, staff will not divulge IDs without proof of identity (like a driver's license). Circulation staff cannot see your PIN but they can change it. See House Rules for detailed policy on confidentiality.