Requesting a hold

When you view a record in detail, BIBLOS will indicate where the item is (e.g., Bookstacks, Bindery, Cataloging, Reference, on loan, etc.) If an item is on loan to someone else, being cataloged, missing, or otherwise not available for use, then you can place a hold on it. The library will notify you when the item returns/becomes available and will keep it for you up to a week. Only current faculty, staff and students are permitted to place holds.

Request a hold as follows. First search. If your search results in a multi-record display then click Details to display the specific item you want. This should bring you to a single record screen like Figure 910.

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Figure 910: Indicating which item you wish to hold

"Place Hold" is an option both in the box to the left and in the Copy Info section of the bibliographic display. Click either. What happens at this point depends on how you are logged on, and on whether it is a multi-volume work. If you are logged in as guest, the system will prompt you for ID and PIN/password. If it is a single volume work then the system knows who you are and what you want, and it will attempt to place a hold immediately without any additional information from you. If it is a multi-volume work, the system will display a list of all the volumes and prompt you to specify one or more volumes to be held. See the multi-volume hold form in Figure 920 below. To use the multi-volume hold form, Pick "Volume(s) Selected from List Below" and then check off the desired volumes and click "Place Hold."

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Figure 920: Place a hold

When you attempt to place a hold BIBLOS will reply by verifying the hold has been placed for you or will inform you why the hold attempt failed. BIBLOS will prevent you from placing a hold on a book you currently have checked out, or on a book available for use (such as a book in the Bookstacks, the Reference collection or the reserve collection). Did you catch that? You cannot place a hold on a book that is available for use. You can only place a hold on an item that is unavailable, like a book that is checkedout or missing. At present there is no way for you to determine if anyone else already has a hold pending on an item. However once you have placed a hold you can view your hold in My Account and it will tell you your place in line (in the queue).

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