BIBLOS Connection, Login
and Browser Configuration

BIBLOS is normally available 22 hours/day, seven days/week. It is not available from 4:00am to 6:00am, Dallas time. A status message is posted on the library home page when the system is unavailable.

Connection and Login

There are many ways to connect. Most people go to the library website at and click the BIBLOS tab in the upper menu. Image of BIBLOS login button This automatically logs you in as a guest. The GUEST login requires no ID or PIN, but BIBLOS will prompt you for a personal ID and PIN if you attempt to renew a book, place a hold, or view your personal account. Once you are in BIBLOS as guest, you can switch to a personal login at any time at the basic search screen. Alternatively, you may start off with a personal login if you prefer. You can configure your browser to remember and supply the ID and PIN automatically. Read about your ID and PIN here.

Browser configuration

BIBLOS works with most modern web browsers. However, JavaScript must be enabled. Browser diagnostics are available here along with instructions on how to enable JavaScript.

Don't use your browser's "Add Favorite" or "Add Bookmark" command in an attempt to save a link to a search result page inside of BIBLOS. This will fail to work correctly because the pages are dynamically created and because the addresses that appear in your browser include transient session IDs.