Troubleshooting Checklist for Wireless Network

Be sure your computer is correctly configured to use the network. In addition, check the following as appropriate.

  • Is your wireless network interface controller turned on? Some can be turned off to conserve battery power. Use the wireless network configuration software of our operating system to verify the card is turned on.
  • Is your wireless card associating and authenticating with the access point? Bring your computer in range of the wireless network. Does the card recognize the network is present? Does the configuration software list the network as available? If it is associating (recognized) but not authenticating, you have a user name or password problem. If your card is not associating, check the following.
  • Are you using a firewall? Verify it is not blocking wireless access.
  • Is your computer trying to dial-out via your modem? Your operating system and your web browser can be set to automatically dial a default number whenever you try to use the Internet. This can conflict with your wireless controller. Set Internet Options so your computer does not automatically dialup via a modem.
  • Does your computer have a dynamically assigned IP address? It probably does, but if not, set DHCP to get an IP address automatically. On a Windows machine you may use ipconfig from the command line to gather useful information. (Start, Run, cmd, ipconfig, exit).
  • Weak batteries can make the wireless connection unreliable. If you suspect low power, configure and connect while your laptop is plugged into a power outlet. Extension cords are available at the library circulation desk.
  • Are you able to connect to another wireless network? If not, verify a wireless network interface controller is installed and recognized by your computer. This will also tell you the brand, model and the software driver version.

Share you troubleshooting insights with the library so we can expand this checklist.

We aim to provide documentation which enables most students to configure their own computers and use the wireless network. We provide limited personal technical support as time allows. We do not guarantee you will be able to connect to network. We believe that configuration changes required to use the seminary network will not interfere with use of your computer in other environments (e.g., home, office, internet cafe) but we make no guarantees and we will not configure your computer to work in other environments if problems arise. We do not guarantee confidentiality of network transmissions or safety of your equipment or your files from theft or vandalism.