Z39.50 Configuration for BIBLOS

Z39.50 is a protocol (standard) for searching databases. Many bibliographic citation database management programs like EndNote, Library Master, Papyrus, ProCite, and Reference Manager are able to import records downloaded from a Z39.50 search. BIBLOS, the DTS library catalog, is accessible via Z39.50 protocol.

Configure your Z39.50 client as follows.

Server Address library.dts.edu
Port 2200
Database name unicorn
Record syntax USMARC
Text encoding ANSEL
Attribute set ID Bib-1

Typically this is all the information you need to supply to your z39.50 client. For additional technical information, consult the basic configuration and the Bath compliance summary. You may contact the library during normal working hours for configuration assistance.

If you are using EndNote, you may download this connection file to your desktop, double click it to uncompress it, and drag the uncompressed DTS.enz file into your EndNote connection folder. It will enable you to search BIBLOS and download records.

Warning: EndNote searches of BIBLOS may produce this error message: "Unicorn error 194". This happens when you specify a particular field to search, like author, title, or subject. As a simple work around, do not specify author, title, or subject. Just use the "Any Field" category.

Any field search image

Searches qualified by specific fields used to work, but something mysterious happen late in the summer of 2010 and we have not taken the time to discover the cause.